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Forestry for the Future

Low Impact Forestry and Tree (LIFT) is a residential and commercial tree service and logging contractor located near Oak Harbor, WA. LIFT serves all of Whidbey Island, Fidalgo Island, and the surrounding areas.


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Low Impact Forestry and Tree is fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured





Low Impact Forestry and Tree strives to maintain the guidelines of Low Impact Forestry (or Positive Impact Forestry) during the entire course of operations. 


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Our Services

Residential Tree Service, Logging, and Forestry

From a Single Tree to Multiple Acres of Forestland

Residential Tree Service

Tree Service with the utmost attention to detail, safety, and professionalism. Whether the tree or trees require climbing, extensive rigging, or precise directional felling, LIFT can accomplish the job.

View Enhancement - Limbing

Island County and the surrounding area is known for incredible views. By safely removing certain limbs, keeping in mind the health of the tree overall, the process of view enhancement can greatly add to the recreational value of your property. 

Hazard Tree Removal

Windthrow is unfortunately common on Whidbey Island, and creates a hazardous situation for property owners. Utilizing years of experience, LIFT can safely remove “hangers”, “snags”, “widow-makers", etc.


(Pictured above is a tree that experienced windthrow during a 2023 windstorm on Whidbey Island)

Contract Climbing

A service offered to other tree services in the area - contract climbing to assist with technical rigging, hazard tree removal, etc. - whatever required can be accomplished.

Vine Removal

Several woody stemmed vine species call the Pacific Northwest home, and thrive in the conditions present. As vines climb into the upper canopy, they can open up small wounds in the bark and allow for disease to infiltrate the stem, as well as make access by insects easier. Furthermore, the vine can begin to choke out the canopy of a tree, making photosynthesis more difficult.


Using a method known as single rope access, climbing into the tree without “spikes” or “spurs”, vines can be removed without further damaging the tree.



Pruning can be essential to the health of a tree, especially ornamental and fruit producing trees. Improving the tree can be accomplished by removing dead branches, and opening up the canopy to allow for healthy undergrowth.

Low Impact Logging

Logging solutions specifically designed to benefit small forest owners - where a larger logging company would likely turn down work due to profitability. To learn more about LIFT's forestry methods and logging operations, select the “Learn More” button above, or navigate to the “What is Positive Impact Forestry” page.

Difficult Access Cutting and Clearing

The owner of LIFT has years of experience using rope to access difficult terrain, where machinery of any type is largely unable to work. This experience came from working for Barry Nilsen, owner of Nilsen Development (DBA Terra Firma Drilling -Tacoma, WA). During this time, the owner of LIFT became well acquainted with rope access techniques while also becoming the primary tree removal specialist.




Tree Planting

While not specifically specializing in tree planting, LIFT has been asked to, and has accomplished, several tree planting jobs. Using an extensive knowledge of tree biology, and additional research, the best options for vitality of species and homeowner value can take root.

About Us


Low Impact Forestry and Tree (LIFT) was started as a sole proprietorship in May 2023, after the owner spent years working in the tree care industry as well as other heavy industries. After moving to the area, the concept was further developed as a need was understood - to encourage practices that will ensure Forestry for the Future. This means that the overall aim of the company is to provide an affordable and professional service, while maintaining Positive Impact Forestry guidelines, from start to finish - whether the job involves multiple acres, or simply a single tree in a backyard. Doing so enables future generations of landowners as well as woodsmen to continue to enjoy the benefits of healthy ecosystems. 

Additional Information

WCLA Member - Master Logger Program Certified

Low Impact Forestry and Tree is a member of the Washington Contract Loggers Association and the owner is certified through the WCLA Master Loggers Program

Whidbey Island Small Business Association

LIFT is a member of Whidbey Island Small Business Association, and strongly advocates supporting small, family owned, and local businesses.





OHHS Booster Member

LIFT gladly gives to local organizations, and is glad to be a 2023-2024 Booster member for the Oak Harbor High School Band & Guard. We believe in supporting our community whenever possible.


The OHHS Band Boosters is a valid 501(c)3 tax exempt organization recognized by the IRS.



Veteran Owned Small Business

LIFT is a WA State certified Veteran Owned Small Business. The owner is humbled to have served twelve years in the United States Army on both Active and Reserve Status.